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Smith Gruppe assists its clients with a thorough industry structural analysis. In establishing company structure, we guide our clients through the process of eliminating extensive debates on where to draw industry boundaries, by focusing on exactly where to draw the line between established compeittors and substitute products or services, between existing companies and potential new entrants, and lastly between existing companies and suppliers and buyers. 


This results in clearly defined markets, identifying existing trends within the market, and specialty market segmentations that mey need to be considered in order to optimize competitive advantage. 




One of the most sought after service offerings made available by Smith Gruppe is that of advice in setting up the right organizational structure. We are often brought in at the formation level of a company so that we may advise on the most effective Tax Structure. From there, the next logical step is that of the organizational structures communications plan. Our clients appreciate our expertise in structural set-up because it affords them an opportunity to focus on identifying the right talent for the necessary roles nd responsibilities within the organization. 




Mid-sized businesses and lower middle-market businesses because they are between 2-4 years old understand how to wrap their arms around day-to-day operational challenges.


Since most start-ups and early-stage business owners have never worked in in a corporate environment, nor have they benefited from senior-level management training, they need to know where to start when setting up a business. It is even more frustrating and difficult for them to understand how to diagnose and solve problems.


We bring comprehensive business understanding to the table in business operations. We know that a thorough understanding of business operations lead to sustainability. Our clients greatly benefit from our trusted advisory and consulting services on operations because we interactively engage them so that they gain a personal and direct understanding of the importance of efficient and seamless operations. We do this in an interactive way through direct involvement. Smith Gruppe operates an Interactive Learning Model in all of its education and training curricula because of this much we know:


1. Tell me and I will hear it.

2. Show me and I will see it.

3. Involve me and I will own and understand it.


For our clients, this translates into:


Speed And Efficiencty: Our clients move faster and mor nimbly in executing their strategies and implementing processes by perfecting tailored solutions delivered by our expertise. We offer proprietary resources such as on-site process diagnosis, training, and additional operational tools.


Competitive Advantages: Through the "Competitive Advantages Over Survival" Inititive we help many businesses experience long-term growth and improvements to their business performance by educating and training them on how to create and sustain competitive advantages over their competition. These businesses have also experrienced increased management and leadership capabilities at all levels and functions within the business.


Operations To Strategy Alignment: There is often a tremendous gap between operations and strategy in start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses, and lower middle-market companies. There is no one better at educating and training these segments of businesses on how to align operations and strategy. Because we have served so many clients over time, we have experience in may different industries and market segements.


No matter where you are in the process of "structuring" your business model, Smith Gruppe can help. 


Our trademark Business Start-Up BluePrint can help you whether you are in the Concept Phase, Development Phase, or Implementation Phase of standing up your business. 









Process Structure 


Companies invest heavily in our skill set to help them achieve business excellence. Business Excellence starts with Process Excellence. 


Because processs can be simultaneously be simple and complex, we look more broadly at a process. We take tremendous care to look beyond inputs, and outputs because multiple inputs and outputs arrive in a variety of forms; materials, information, labour, rules, specifications, and much more. 


The biggest challenge in small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and lower middle-market companies is that their processes must be documented or updated and, whenever possible, automated. Why document your process? The simple answer is that an organization must document its processes to produce consistent quality results, problem solve, and implement change. We can help you with your process mapping and give you a greater chance for "success;" in your process improvement initiatives. Our clients achieve their desired business results and avoid faulty biases.


Smith Gruppe offers extensive services in Process Excellence and Project Management.


You may connect to those pages by clicking on the here:

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Internal Controls

"If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It!"


Internal Controls are how our clients realize the higher end of Business Excellence. In some of our Lean Six Sigma strategy deployment skills, we utilize the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model quite often to assist our clients in better understanding the significance of controls.


The establishment of methods and procedures to systematically measure a company's ability to conduct its business effectively and efficiently while safeguarding its assets and resources. 


We work directly with the management and leadership in determining the level of controls needed to detect errors, fraud, and theft which can quite often impact the accounting data. It is vital that accurate, reliable, and timely data is compliled from all areas of the business so that the company can adhere to and maintain its policies and procedures.






At Smith Gruppe we educate and train our clients on how to implement and adaptive technology plan. [Request our white paper "How To Make S-M-A-R-T Technology Decisions."] 


As a significant component of resource planning, a company must first assess its Tech-Stack (Technology Stack) and theTechnology IQ of its staff and employees. Many companies have failed at increasing revenue by over-committing to an enterprise-wede technology system that needs to be aligned with the process capabilities of its personnel. 


Through our integrated proprietary SBDN (Small Business Data Network), Smith Gruppe maintains a wide bandwidth of edge computing capacity by implementing and deploying an IEDC (Infrastructure Edge Data Center) Model.


By taking a scalable approach, we come alongside our clients and work with them to implement a measured technology growth plan that meets the business needs when the need arises. Our clients applaud our ability to determine which areas of the business and its relevent processes would be greatly impacted by unused technology or ineffective technology deployment initiatives.


Moreover, we often save our clients tens of thousands of dollars by maintaining their technology platform on their behalf, thus reducing overhead by eliminating the expense of maintaing an IT department and/or IT personnel on the payroll.