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Welcome To Smith Gruppe: Masters Of Project Portfolio and Program Management

With over 17 years of deep expertise, Smith Gruppe has established itself as a leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Program Management Office (PgMO) services. Our seasoned professionals understand the intricacies of aligning project and program initiatives with your business’s strategic goals, ensuring that every effort contributes to your long-term success.

What Is a Program Management Office (PgMO)?

A Program Management Office (PgMO) is pivotal to the seamless execution of your organization’s broader programs, not just individual projects. Unlike a Project Management Office (PMO), which focuses on singular project oversight, a PgMO ensures the success of extensive organizational programs and aligns them with overall business strategy. At Smith Gruppe, our PgMO services guide your team to adopt best practices, fostering an environment where program objectives are met efficiently and effectively.


Understanding Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the consolidated planning, tracking, and management of your projects and technologies. Smith Gruppe’s PPM services empower project managers to evaluate both existing and proposed projects based on detailed criteria, ensuring that each project aligns with your strategic goals. By considering market conditions, competitor actions, customer needs, and regulatory requirements, we help you navigate the complexities of project management with ease.



What Does a Program Management Office Do?

Smith Gruppe’s PgMO oversees your organization’s programs, providing strategic guidance and support to ensure they align with and drive your business goals. Our expertise helps in the meticulous orchestration of programs, ensuring they complement your overarching business strategy. This approach not only enhances program success but also fortifies your organization’s strategic framework.




The Goals of Project Portfolio Management

Smith Gruppe’s PPM services aim to:
- Provide comprehensive information, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions about projects, priorities, and resources.
- Maintain high-level and granular visibility into all key project information, ensuring transparency across the organization.
- Foster collaboration among stakeholders to achieve consensus, aligning projects with business goals and objectives.


Our Process

Our approach to PPM involves creating and maintaining processes that continually evaluate all projects against your business’s strategic goals. This helps prioritize and validate projects, ensuring that they receive appropriate financing and resources. By leveraging our extensive experience, we help your organization navigate the complexities of project and program management, driving success through strategic alignment and meticulous execution.


Partner with Smith Gruppe

Join the many organizations that have benefited from Smith Gruppe’s unrivaled expertise in Project Portfolio and Program Management. Let us help you achieve your strategic goals with precision and efficiency, ensuring every project and program contributes to your long-term success.



Smith Gruppe Project Management Capabilities

Project Planning


Smith Gruppe empowers clients with comprehensive project management by building detailed plans, breaking down tasks for clarity, and tracking dependencies. Clients can choose their preferred workflow with Gantt, Kanban, Card, and Grid views, ensuring seamless monitoring of planning versus execution for optimal project outcomes.

Budget Management


Smith Gruppe ensures clients stay in control of project budgets by tracking expenses by time, currency, or type. We prevent budget creep by monitoring cost thresholds and overruns, and optimize budgets across projects, ensuring efficient financial management and maximizing project value.

Project Delivery


Smith Gruppe transforms every team member into a project manager by unifying diverse teams on a single platform. We empower everyone to work, innovate, and deliver projects successfully together, enhancing processes and boosting collaborative efficiency for outstanding project outcomes.

On time, on budget consistently, and at/below costs!


Automation Of Workflows


Smith Gruppe enhances efficiency by implementing simple yet powerful automated workflows, eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks. Our solutions enable recurring or condition-based workflows to run automatically or at regular intervals, streamlining project management and allowing teams to focus on high-value activities.

Resource Management


Smith Gruppe enhances resource management by providing project-specific and cross-project views and heatmaps. Clients can allocate resources efficiently, enabling team members to work on multiple projects or tasks simultaneously, ensuring optimal utilization and productivity across all projects.

Project Management


Smith Gruppe empowers clients to manage everything from simple tasks to complex projects on a unified platform. By standardizing project structures and processes, we ensure repeatability and provide granular control and visibility, breaking down projects into tasks, sub-tasks, milestones, and critical paths for optimal project management.

Analytics - Dashboarding And Reporting


Smith Gruppe provides real-time dashboards to consolidate key metrics and project information, ensuring everyone has access to accurate data when needed. By integrating data from multiple sheets into a single view, we enable seamless report generation, sharing, and publishing for informed decision-making and streamlined project management.

Project Scalability To Programs And Porfotlios


Smith Gruppe standardizes project structures and processes with templates, automating project creation and reporting. Our solutions streamline and scale complex workflows, enabling effortless transition from projects to programs and portfolios, ensuring consistent, efficient, and scalable project management for enhanced productivity and strategic alignment.