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Learn How To Lead And Scale Your Business Or Organization


Small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and lower-middle-market companies do not lead themselves. Individuals lead them, and in the small to medium-sized business space, it may be a singular individual instead of a corporation that requires the cooperation of many individuals just because of an individual or people. At Smith Gruppe, we take pride in ourt ability to successfully help business owners and management teams understand the best way to manage their businesses and organizations. Many start-up businesses begin with just the business owner, so compassionate leadership does not enter into their thought process at the beginning. Being a leader is much more than managing people, although that is part of the responsibilities. Evan as a small company, mangement behaviors are being formed, affecting that company's ability to succeed and grow. Smith Gruppe works with organizations of every size to help them shape their management behaviors into desirable "Leadership" attributes. We teach the desirable attributes of a "Leader" and work with business owners and management to create an effective leadership team. 

Leadership Development

In yesterday's business world, entrepreneurs could lead their companies by taking a "shoot from the hip" and/or "trial and error" approach. This generally led to routine day-to-day operations that lulled entrepreneurs and businesses into believing that they were successful and profitable. They had no idea that a death sentence had been pronounced upon them whenever market conditions would shift. 


 In the global economy and technologically advanced business ecosystem, we exist today, a new leadership style is called for. A change in behavior and attitude primarily sets forth the shift from a shoot from the hip approach to one of awareness. The new leadership must be ever more flexible than the rigidity of the past. The leader's company must be able to adapt quickly in an uncertain environment and urge those he/she leads to take the initiative to make crucial decsions. To further bring the responsibility to do the right thing, and therefore excel in the task.


At Smith Gruppe, we help our clients create a "leadership culture" and nurture the leadership styles of others crucial to creating value within the organization. By working with our seasoned top executives, the client is trained to properly promote a sense of individual worth and community within the work environment. This allows the leadership to diligently direct all business activities toward the business ambitions of the ogranization. 


Here are a few of the results you get from experiencing our customized Leadership Development Training Program:


* Understanding as a leader, how to tie your initiatives to your vision

* Remove barriers to your progress

* Learn how to reinforce and reward positive behaviors and promote the right people

* Understand how to build a learning organization

* Learn how to effectively lead by example


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Organizational Management 


Organizational Management is the process of managing human resources. In larger organizations, there are severeal layers of an organization specifically designed to assist managers in handling all of the responsibilities of of managing those human resources. Small companies cannot afford such additional resources, and in most cases, it falls on the individual business owner. Medium-sized companies may have a tiny human resource department depending on their size. Still, ultimately the majoritiy of the responsibilities are assigned to individual managers that have people reporting to them. Smith Gruppe works with companies to establish an organizational structure, coach clients, and allocate minimal resources appropriately.


We help determine and define relationships and responsiblities, establish a communication process, and understand your role as a manager and leader in the company. Many companies need to set clear expectations when identifying a manager to handle human resources. We give you a clear understanding of the functions and key activities necessary to manage your organization.


At Smith Gruppe, we understand the many hats that small business owners must wear to make a business scalable. As the company grows and additional human resources are needed, we provide simple yet effective ways of establishing structure. We know it is critical that managing those additional resources does not affect the ability of the company owner to fulfill other necessary roles in order to keep the business running. Before bringing on additional help, a plan must be put in place to ensure time for training, expectations, communication, etc., to ensure a smooth transition of workload with minimal to no disruptions.


Let us help you establish a plan to  manage your ogranizations human resources. Please visit our Contact Us page or call us at 980-221-9377!

Performance (Measurement And Incentives)


Smith Gruppe blends services with capabilities into clear-cut objectives that help our clients build their Performance and Incentive Plans. Communication is key once performance measurement and incentive plans have been established. for everyone in the company to perform at optimum levels, they must clearly understand their individual goals and objectives. The leadership's responsible for defining the performance measurements and any incentive plan to disseminate that information throughout the organization. 


Often business owners or leaders need to realize the positive effect of establishing performance measurements and incentives. Any organization's success depends on individuals' willingness to cooperate and contribute their efforts to the business's success. The overall contribution of personal efforts, which constitute the energies of businesses are in direct correlation to the incentives provided to the individuals. Once your eomployees understand that their incentives are based on exceeding their goals and objectives, they are more inclined to esnure they meet their performance measurements and exceed them. Smith Gruppe can help business owners and their mangement identify fair and reasonable incentives that are attached to the company's overall revenues and performance. The end result is the business is succesful, and employee satisfaction is increased, which creates an environment of high-quality loyal employees.


We work with our clients to provide customized and unique incentive plans that work at every level of the organization and value chain. 

Individual Appraisals And Performance Review Training 


Many small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and lower-middle-market companies struggle with the concept of annual appraisals, and a large percentage of management expressed to us that they lacked the confidence for giving and receiving accurate feedback to those that reported to them. 


What we quickly realized was that the root cause of the problem was a lack of maintaining good records to support the appraisal process. 


What we were able to accomplish for our clients was to assist them in laying out an approach that allows managers, team leaders, and team members alike to participate in the appraisal process openly, with confidence, integrity, an no fear of significant surprises. 


By allowing for the appraisal process to become part of the business planning cycle, we have found that it leads to the following results:


* More educated and fair compensation decisions based upon multiple factors, rather than singular factors. Factors such as One Page Personal Plan Reviews, 360 Degree Feedback Loops, Company Performance, and Seniority. 

* Improved Performance Progams such as PIP's (Personal Improvement Plans), which ultimately leads to increased morale and camaraderie.

* Development of new and improved training curriculums. 

* Increase in cross-functional abilities due to improved skill-sets by way of extended training programs.


Smith Gruppe can work with you at all levels of the organization to implement Appraisal Policy.


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Leadership - Coaching And Mentoring 

By definition, a "mentor" is someone who helps someone else learn something that he/she would have learned less well, more slowly, or not at all if left alone. 


In order for the mentoring relationship to work, the mentor must not ever be perceived as a power figure; however a learning coah, compassionate and sensitive as a trusted advisor to the mentee. Mentoring must exist as a "Partnership."


Smith Gruppe provides a platform through its trademarked SBDN (Small Business Data Network) for ongoing support for personal and professional mentoring programs. In doing so, we agree with the fast expanding Coaching industry, that three things must be present for the Coaching and Mentoring relationship to flourish:


1. A Learning Environment - A robust set of policies and organizational charts must set forth that the emphasis of the organization is set upon thinking, interacting, and learning from each other. Sharing knowledge must be encouraged at all levels of the organization. Personal Mastery and self-improvement must be evident in the fact that it is discussed and promoted within the culture of the business. 


2. Trust Must Exist - Great coaches and mentors who are effective at securing the trust of their protege are focused and dramatic listeners. In the context of being focused and dramatic listeners, they avoid distractions, judging, or listening with an agenda. They make listening their top priority. The bond is perfected when kinship and/or closeness are established, and this is where "trust" is earned. Relationship strength and "trust" in the coaching/mentoring environment are productively built and maintained on a foundation of "trust."


3. Realizing The Moment Of Independience - Although the coaching/mentoring relationship can become quite intimate and rich. There is a time when the coaching/mentoring aspect of the relationship must end. An effectivfe adjournment must take place so that the protege can move on. Allowing for adequate time to pass before follow-up can be quite tricky but necessary as in the case of the mother eagle, who slowly removes the feathers and grass and comforts from the base of the nest until the fledgeling is forced to to come up to the ledge and take flight.



Smith Gruppe maintains a powerful small-to-medium-sized business, non-profit organization, and lower-middle-market company network of experienced coaches and mentors. We have coached hundreds of executives and teams along the lines of personal and professional development. 


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