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2. Scope: The domain of your organization, specifically your marketplace and where you operate. In other words, where you will play and compete.

3. Competitive Advantage: Your organizations, key competitive advantages, and how you will capitalize and leverage those advantages to scale your company and realize your "Vision."


A clearly defined strategy will help you in the following ways: 


* Help you establish a unique value proposition compared to your competition.

* Allow you to better execute through operations (allocation of resources) that provide differentiated and tailored value to your customers.

* Assist you in understanding what your trade-offs are and what you should "Stop" doing.

* Align key business activities so that they fit together to support each other in delivering value that your clients and/or customers will pay a premium for. 

* Sets the stage for continiuous improvement which will drive you towards reaching and exceeding your business objectives. 


Strategy Mission & Objectives


The "Mission" and "Key Objectives" are statements about a company's purpose and primary reason for being in business. The mission statement should highlight what business you are in and customer needs you are trying to meet, or problem you are solving for your customer. To lay a solid foundation (Click Here To Proceed To The Business Foundations Landing Page) and construct a solid business framework for a "scalable" business, you must have documented, clear, concise, and consistent mission and key objectives. 


We help you develop (or revise) your mission so that you may be able to unlock the full potential of your core competencies. Strategy in its purest form is the science of allocating scarce resources. Small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and lower middle-market companies that deliver measurable value and therefore maintain extremely high levels of customer loyalty, know their core competencies and focus their resources on reaching their full potential before exploring additional opportunities. 


Smith Gruppe alleviates the extreme high levels of duress that most of our client engagements experience by helping them understand the complex and difficult challenges that they face in sticking to the mission in order to meet and/or exceed their key objectives. 





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Strategy - Analysis And Planning 


Unfortunately, there are quite a few poorly run businesses in the marketplace; however, this is not because or wrong business concepts. The truth of the matter is that bad businesses are the result of "bad strategies." Business success is about outperforming the competition consistently and continuously, not by entering the market as a "me too", or by pursuing a hot new trend. 


With a correctly-defined strategy, a small business can effectively outdistance and outperform its competitors and capture significant market share. Here are the questions that you can expect to get answers to by working with Smith Gruppe in analyzing and planning your strategy:


* What is the most correctly-defined strategy for the company?

* Is the Strategy in alignment with the Mission?

* Does the Mission and the Strategy make sense?

* What are the most reasonable and key objectives, and what will the company benefit be?

* Will the Strategy harm any other areas of the business?

* What is the financial impact from both an expense/required investment standpoint?


Upon completing the analysis, the next logical step is to begin planning. 


We help you establish the actionable steps that need to be incorporated within the "Strategy" while defining the timelines for implementation and deployment.

Strategy - Development

There are several types of strategies, and they are based on company size and organizational structure. Start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations must develop a solid plan for their overall business or organization.


As business grows, often a strategy is needed to meet the needs of a mor significant business. As a small business or organization develops and various departments or business units are added, additional strategies may be added to set the direction of each department or business unit. These strategies should be developed in alignment with the departments' missions that ultimately align with the company's vision, mission, and objectives. 


Smith Gruppe assists its clients in understanding that type of strategies their company needs and the process of developing the correct strategy tomeet the company's mission and objectives. We sit shoulder to shoulder with our clients throughout the entire process. We stay connected during the implementation and help them monitor and measure the strategy's effectivenenss once implemented. Our strength is based on decades of experience implementing procedures for various sizes of businesses and in different markets. We help you develop a strategy that will allow you to build your business strategically with a plan to bring your mission and vision to fruition!

Strategy - Management Review

This is where "Leadership" learns to anticipate and set realistic goals and expectations for themselves and others. We show our clients how to develop constructive accountability systems that provide the necessary focus to ensure that strategic missions and objectives are met. The initial phase of management review of the analysis and planning done on a strategy is to provide that those working on the strategy are headed in the right direction.


There needs to be a mission for the strategy with specific objectives that can be reviewed and measured later in the process. A clear understanding is critical before the actual development of the strategy. Critical questions need to be asked to ensure everyone involved is on board with the strategy's direction and the outcome's expectations.


We help our clients understand the crucial steps in setting the direction for the strategy and ensuring that both management and, in cases of larger organizations, the team implementing the strategy are all on the same page. How to develop and review an Executive Summary that clearly defines the strategy itself, how it will be implemented, how it will be monitored and measured and communicates who and what will be impacted by the implementation of the strategy.


We will walk you through the process steps and guide you through the management review portion so that you understand the direction you and your company are headed in.  

Strategy - Management Approval

This is the last review of the strategy's progress before submitting the strategic plan to management for approval and implementation We highlight this step in the proicess because this is where a GO or NO-GO decision is made concerning the strategic implementation. A careful review of the development plan must be done to ensure that all of the strategic objectives and overall mission are being met. Suppose the strategic plan and development still need to be prepared. In that case, it is better to delay the implementation than move forward and have a negative impact on the company and its potential customers.


The plan has been developed, and management must ensure that the strategy is clear and that all individuals and orgianizations impacted by the strategy have been considered. The strategy team/management must ensure that everyone is clear on their role in the implementation and te effect of the implementation on thier day-to-day activities.


At Smith Gruppe, we assist the decision makers on how to review the strategy developed and ensure clear communication is done throughout the company/departments impacted so that there are structured processes in place. Often these strategies are aimed at having a positive effect on the company's customers, so it is imperative that everyone keeps their focus on the customers and make sure that they receive the benefits intended in the strategic change. We will educate you on how to run successful management reviews of the strategy so that a decision on Management Approval is obtained.   

Strategy - Implementation

In the implementation phase, you are basically developing an action plan for how you are going to deploy your strategy. We assist our clients in crafting Action Plans that communicate in a clear and concise manner who's going to do what, when they are going to do it, and in what order they are going to do it for the strategy to be implemented. 


Smith Gruppe works with clients to transform innovation for new products and services into actions that enable our clients to be worth more that they were before engaging Smith Gruppe to work with them. 


The critical role that we play in working with small-to-medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and lower-middle-market companies is helping them achieve leadership positions in their market segments.   

Strategy - Control, Measure And Monitor

One of the most important objecties of developing a strategy is helping companies build a measurement-focused culture that realizes that a learning organization's real value is rooted in measuring or observing results. We do it for ourselves; our clients can relate to us because we pactice what we preach. The results are the leading KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that tell us whether the innovations we implement are working.


If you have been in business for any amount of time you have likely heard the phrase that "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." In turn, "If you are not monitoring it, you are not controlling it; and it is likely you don't know how to measure it." We enjoy working with clients that desire to accelerate their learning. 


Our records show that companies that are striving to accelerate their learning maintain learning cultures, and therefore, they have vital measures in place that help them execute more effectively and efficiently.   

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