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Our Clients

                                                          DIVA Dumps, LLC

Exponential Growth Plan


Working with this project, we created an exponential growth plan for a business company from scratch. We knew all the business expectations and goals. This fact played significant role. Creating this or that plan we require the most detailed information without any limitations.

Workforce Development Strategic Plan


Smith Gruppe, LLC was invited to advise Goler Community Development Corporation on constructing and managing a workforce development strategic plan. As the project manager, we created customized programming allowing Goler Community Development Corporation to work the ARP (American Rescue Plan) Grant Funds efficiently to deliver programming compliant with the grant funding requirements.  



Executive Leadership Development 


Smith Gruppe, LLC was retained by the Founder and CEO of Nerrative AI to provide executive leadership development and training. Nerrative AI is the recipient of an SBIR Phase I Research Grant to present a business case for commercializing its bleeding-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Gaming Software, which allows the gamer to produce a digital twin through NLP (Natural Language Processing.)


Smith Gruppe, LLC was hired to lead the process of doing what it does best, identifying the right structure, defining the right strategy (for going to market), and developing the right leadership. In this project, we are programming for an end-to-end solution for DevOps (Agile Software Development Operations), talent recruitment, and retention, and developing a sustainable leadership culture built around the Nerrarive AI Core Values and culture.