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How To Finance Your Business

Thousands of sruveys have been conducted on start-up or small-to-medium-sized and lower-middle-market businesses and why they succeed or fail. In the failure category, you will find that lack of access to capital is consistently the first or second reason businesses fail.


Smith Gruppe provides direct access to capital and trains on how to intelligently approach capital challenges. Whether you seek debt or equity financing, we possess the necessary resources for our clients to secure adequate business funding. In addition to the fact that we transact and close quickly and seamlessly, we hve a complete "Small Business Finance Toolkit."Contact UsTo Purchase Your Toolkit Today!


We know what will not pass underwriting scrutiny for a fast "No," we also know what will pass underwriting scrutiny and thus result in a fast "Yes." More of our clients experience the latter - the "Fast Yes." Even when they have been turned down on multiple occasions by other institutions. 

Types Of Capital 

Bank Lending 

Bank Lending 

  • SBA 504 Loans
  • SBA 7(a) Loans
  • SBA CAPLine Credit Lines
  • Credit Lines
  • Export Working Capital Loans
  • Business And Industry Loans
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds


Equipment Leasing 

  • Bank Leasing
  • Captive/Vendor Leasing
  • Specialty Leasing
  • Venture Leasing


Asset-Based Lending 

  • Tier 1 Asset-Based Loans (ABL's)
  • Tier 2 ABL's
  • Tier 3 ABL's

We begin by conducting an exhaustive financial analysis of your business and educating our clients on what the numbers really mean. we help you flesh out every financial ratio particular to your business case and show how you compare to other businesses in your industry. This lets you know where you stand as a benchmark to your competition. Our clients praise us for our ability to break down what is often intimidating and complex and make it easy and understandable. 


They experience and elevated financial IQ and know much better how to budget and plan for the operation of their business. Therefore, if you are bankable we prepare and present you with the most suitable traditional banking channel. If un-bankable, we design and introduce you to the most appropriate non-traditional private capital market channel. Our private capital market channel partners are very good at what they do and work creatively with our clients for outside-of-the-box solutions. 

Capital Access Points 


  • Low Volume
  • Medium Volume
  • High Volume


  • Mezzanine

Private Equity 

  • Angel Financing
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity Groups
  • Family Wealth Offices
  • Fund Of Funds

Structured Finance

  • SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicle's)

Access to Capital Process

(3 Simple Steps) 

1. Analyze, Structure And Pre-Apporval 

  • Smith Gruppe Submission Form
  • Commercial Loan Application
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Report
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Other Required Documents
  • Issues A Loan Commitment To Fund Letter
  • If Commercial Transaction, Secures A Legal Opinion Letter From Legal Counsel
  • Collects Signed Documents And Non-Refundable Retainer Fee

2. Processing And Underwriting 

  • Collects Signed Conditional Pre-Approval
  • Collects Appraisal Fee If Applicable
  • Orders Appraisal And Title Where Applicable
  • Conducts Due Diligence
  • Finalizes Underwrite

3. Closing 

  • Collects Any Missing Documents
  • Schedules Signing Date For Closing
  • Prepares And Coordinates Signing Of Loan Documents
  • Coordinates Closing Procedures With Title Company And Legal Counsel(s)
  • If A Commercial Transaction, Applicant/Borrower Must Understand That They Are "Dry Closings," And Funds Transfer Via Bank-To-Bank Wire Within Bank Set Timelines