companies invest heavily in our skill-set in helping them achieve
business excellence. Business Excellence starts with Process Excellence.

Because processes can be both simple and complex at the same time,
we look more broadly at a process. We take tremendous care to look
beyond inputs and outputs because multiple inputs and outputs arrive in
a variety of forms: materials, information, labor, rules, specifications and
much more.

The biggest challenge in small and/or lower middle-market companies is
that their processes are un-documented or outdated.
Why document your processes? The simple answer is that an
organization must document its processes so that it can produce
consistent quality results, problem solve, and implement change.   
We can help you with your process mapping and give you a greater
chance for “success” in your process improvement initiatives. Our clients
achieve their desired business results and avoid faulty biases.
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- Organizational

- Operations

- Process

- Technology

- Internal Controls
Smith Gruppe assists its clients with a thorough industry structural analysis. In establishing company structure, we
help our clients eliminate extensive debates on where to draw industry boundaries, by focusing on their exactly
where to draw the line between established competitors and substitute products, between existing companies and
potential new entrants, and lastly between existing companies and suppliers and buyers.  
This results in clearly defined markets, existing trends within the market, and specialty market segmentations that
may need to be considered in order to optimize a competitive advantage.
Internal Controls
Process Sructure
Establishing Company Structure
One of the most sought after services provided by Smith Gruppe is that of guidance in setting up the right
organizational structure. We are often brought in at the formation level of a company so that we may advise on
the most effective Tax Structure. From there, the next logical step is that of the organizational structure.

Our clients appreciate our expertise in structural set-up because it affords them an opportunity to focus on
identifying the right talent for the necessary roles and responsibilities within the organization.
mid-sized businesses understand how to wrap their arms and minds around
day-to-day operational challenges. Since most start-ups and early stage
business owners have never worked in a corporate environment, nor have
they had the benefit of senior level management training; they do not know
where to start when it comes to setting up a business operation. It is even
more frustrating and difficult for them to understand how to diagnose and
solve operational problems.
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At Smith Gruppe we educate and train our clients on how to implement
an adaptive technology plan [Request our White Paper on The
As a significant component of resource planning, a company must first
assess the Technology IQ of its staff and employees. Many companies
have failed at increasing revenue by over-committing to an enterprise
wide technology system that is misaligned with the process capabilities
of the personnel.

By taking a scalable approach, we come alongside our clients and work
them in implementing a measured technology growth plan that meets
the business needs at the time that the need arises.
Our clients applaud our ability to determine which areas of the business
and its relevant processes would be greatly impacted by unused
technology or ineffective technology deployment initiatives.
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Internal Controls is how our clients realize the higher end of Business
Excellence. In some of our Lean Six Sigma strategy deployment skills, we
utilize the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) quite
often to help our clients better understand the significance of Internal

The establishment of methods and procedures to systematically measure
a companies ability to conduct its business in an effective and efficient
manner while safeguarding its assets and resources.

We work directly with the management and leadership departments in
determining the level of controls needed to detect errors, fraud and theft
which can quite often impact the accounting data. It is vital that accurate,
reliable and timely information is compiled from all areas of the business
so that the company can adhere to and maintain its policies and
Structure + Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults
If you can’t measure it, can you manage it?
The obvious answer is – NO!