Organizational Management
Smith Gruppe blends services and capabilities into clear-cut objectives that help our clients build their
Performance Measurement & Incentive Plans. Communication plays a key role once performance measurement
and incentive plans have been established.  In order for everyone in the company to perform at optimum levels,
they must clearly understand what are their individual goals and objectives.  It is leaderships responsibility to
define the performance measurements and any incentive plans along with a plan to disseminate that information
throughout the company.

Often business owners do not realize the positive affect of establishing performance measurements and
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Individual Appraisals & Training
Mentoring and Coaching
Leadership Development
Organizational Management is the process of managing human resources. In large corporations there are
several layers of an organization specifically designed to assist managers in handling all of the responsibilities of
managing those human resources.  Small companies do not have the ability to afford such additional resources,
and in most cases it falls on the individual business owner.  Medium size companies may have a small human
resource department depending on their size, but ultimately the majority of the responsibilities are assigned to
individual managers that have people reporting to them.

Smith Gruppe works with companies to establish structure in their organizations and allocate resources
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Performance (Measurement & Incentives)
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Measurement &

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By definition a “mentor” is someone who helps someone else learn
something that he/she would have learned less well, more slowly, or not at
In order for the mentoring relationship to work, the mentor must not ever
be perceived as a power figure; however a learning coach,
compassionate and sensitive as a trusted advisor to the mentee.

Mentoring must exist as a “Partnership”!

Smith Gruppe has provided the platform for the launch and on-going
support for personal and professional mentoring programs. In doing so,
we are in agreement with the fast expanding Coaching Industry, that three
things must be present for the Mentoring & Coaching relationship to
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Businesses and/or organizations do not lead themselves. They are led by individuals, and
in the small to mid-sized business space, it may be a singular individual as opposed to a
corporation that requires the cooperation of many individuals. Just because an individual
or people. At Smith Gruppe, we take pride in our ability to successfully help business
owners and management teams understand the best way to manage their businesses and

Many start-up businesses begin with just the business owner, so the thought of having to
understand leadership does not enter into their thought process at the beginning.  Being
a Leader is much more than managing people, although that is a part of the
responsibilities. Even as a small company, management behaviors are being formed, and
affect the ability of that company to succeed and grow.

Smith Gruppe works with small to mid-sized businesses in helping them shape their
management behaviors into desirable
Leadership attributes. We teach the desirable
attributes of a Leader and work with the Business Owners and Management to create an
effective Leadership team!
by taking a “shoot from the hip” and/or “trial and error” approach. This
generally led to routine day to day operations that lulled entrepreneurs
and businesses into believing that they were successful and profitable.
They had no idea that their businesses were headed for failure whenever
a shift in market conditions occurred.

In the global economy and technologically advanced business ecosystem
in which we exist today, a new style of leadership is called for. The shift
from shoot from the hip to one of awareness is primarily set forth by a
change in behavior and attitude.
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appraisals, and a large percentage of management expressed to us
that they lacked the confidence for giving accurate feedback to
those that reported to them.

What we quickly realized was that the main problem was a lack of
maintaining good records to support the appraisal process.
What we were able to accomplish for our clients was to assist them
in laying out an approach that allows managers, team leaders, and
team members to participate in the annual appraisal process
openly, with confidence, integrity and no fear of significant surprises.
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