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Smith Gruppe, L.L.C.
Helping Clients Achieve
Their Dreams
Structure + Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults
The collective intellect that our financial, operating, industry, and technology experts have and
maintain makes it possible for Smith Gruppe, L.L.C. to base decisions on proven experience,
working knowledge, and genuine professional insight. We know that our capital, strategic, and
resource partners often face surprises and challenges, and we persist in making sure that they
are not surprised by our firm as deal partners. Working together synergistically, we present a
clear, consistent, and predictable message on every deal. We work under the premise that
successful and trustworthy partnerships are based upon mutual respect, a track record of
successful closings, and a rapport built upon the foundation of the highest ethics and standards
of professional business services.

We have deep, experienced and proven accounting, business, legal, and financial experts
strategically located throughout the world. Every member of our team and partnerships share the
same core values of strong allegiances and partnerships with our management teams, teamwork,
collaborative interactions, and high moral turpitude. We communicate continually and have deep
bonds of implicit trust brought about by friendships built since the inception of the organization
that has been successful for many years.We use the same philosophy of complete collaboration
for working with our partners as we do with our own people. We team up with strong partners that
possess in-depth knowledge in their respective disciplines and industries that are very selective
regarding their business affiliates.

Our commitment to teamwork and to make the dream work is shown most clearly in our
consideration and acceptance of all points of view. We endeavor to be constructive by being
honest, forthright, and direct in all communications and expressions of our views. We recognize
our limitations and give our clients the latitude to run their businesses without threat of
overbearing advice and guidance. The final decision is always in the hands of the client.
We have a track record of success, spanning many years, in the small business, and lower middle-markets. Our entire network of talent
and experienced executives have provided value-added analytical support, interim operating support, strategic assistance, team building
and hiring, and financial structuring support that have helped our clients achieve leadership positions in their respective industries. Our
strategic capital partners have generally provided funding for and/or invested in most of these start-up and portfolio companies for 3 to 7
years and some have held some equity positions for more than 10 years.
Our Purpose
Experience Is The Reason For Our Success
How We Help Our Client's Succeed
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Smith Gruppe, L.L.C. is a business that advises and consults small business and lower middle-
market companies. We serve small business and lower middle-market companies by providing a
comprehensive set of advisory and consulting services that help whether you are at inception,
start-up, a mature business looking for growth and expansion, or a static business in great need
of solutions to every day obstacles. Our breadth and scope of knowledge and experience across
multiple market segments, delivers results for our clients in the form of greatly improved bottom
lines.  Be it that your business needs and/or project undertakings are small or great, Smith
Gruppe, L.L.C. is scalable by its expanded network of resources throughout the business world.

The sole reason that we exist is to greatly diminish the number of “Failed” businesses. Empirical
data and research sets forth that nearly 83% of small business and lower middle-market
companies fail simply because of a lack of experience, and no access to knowledge, resources,
intellectual properties, and the means by which to apply such resources.
Smith Gruppe, L.L.C. by possessing the necessary resources for business success is looking to
serve the business community by providing the necessary formula to success, which is: Structure
+ Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults!
Consultants Bringing Simplicity Through Collaboration
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