About Our Company
Smith Gruppe bases its entire business case on fairness and shall at all times act with the
highest degree of integrity. We treat our clients with the utmost respect, and in a highly ethical

Our company shall at all times place the integrity of the structured finance, corporate strategy,
coaching, leadership and sales profession and the interests of clients before its own business
interests. We use extreme care and exercise professional judgment when structuring financial
transactions, conducting strategy analysis and advising on strategy, providing coaching,
leadership and sales training and further making recommendations.

Furthermore our company shall promote the integrity of, and uphold the laws and rules
governing any and all transactions, business dealings and will strive to maintain and improve
the professional competence of its capital, strategic, and resource partners.
Our Experience
Smith Gruppe with its vast business and
transactional experience possesses extensive
knowledge of what actually works as it relates to
business success. Having experienced the same
challenges that our clients face on a daily basis, we
apply real-world methodologies in order to make
you successful.

The company in its overall service offerings has
always conducted itself with the greatest degree of
thoroughness. Whether it be financial analysis and
deal structure, extensive market research to allow
for expert strategy advisory services, or an
increase in effectiveness of leadership – the
conclusion of the matter never varies in that we
deliver – Re
Smith Gruppe consults, educates, and trains small businesses and lower middle-market companies. We serve small business and lower middle-market
companies by providing a comprehensive set of advisory and consulting services. Whether you are at inception, start-up, a mature business looking for
growth and expansion, or a static business in great need of solutions to every day obstacles, we can help.

Our breadth and scope of knowledge and experience across multiple market segments, delivers powerful support to our clients within the domestic and
international business arena and private capital markets.
We help companies structure themselves and prepare for successful growth. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients in crafting strategies that
are in alignment with their structure. From there we work with the client in developing the right Leadership skills that lead to the building of a “Shared
Vision.” The results are growth and an improved top line of revenue.

Smith Gruppe serves the business community by providing the necessary formula to success, which is:

Structure + Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults!
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Who We Are
Why Experience is the Reason for Our Success
We maintain experienced and proven accounting, business, legal, and financial experts. Every
member of our team and our extended partnerships share the same core values of strong
allegiances, collaborative interactions, and high moral turpitude. We communicate continually
and have deep bonds of implicit trust as a result of relationships that were established at the
inception of the organization. These relationships have been in place for many years. As a
result we deliver on our commitments.

We use the same philosophy of complete collaboration for working with our partners as we do
with our own people. We partner with strong partners that possess in-depth knowledge in their
respective disciplines and industries who care who their partner is, and choose to be very
selective in who they do business with.

Our commitment to teamwork to make the dream work, is shown most clearly in our
consideration and acceptance of all points of view. We endeavor to be constructive by being
honest, forthright, and direct in all communications in expressing of our views. We recognize
our limitations and give our clients the latitude to run their businesses without threat of
verbearing advice and guidance. The final decision is always in the hands of the client.
Our Mission
Get Re$ults Now.....Contact Us!
Structure + Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults
Get Re$ults Now.....Contact Us!
Structure + Strategy + Leadership = Re$ults
Who Is Smith Gruppe?
To advise, educate, and train small to medium size businesses through customized corporate level courses, interactive learning activities, and one-on-one
sessions. We assist our clients in understanding and implementing the right resources, processes, and strategies to build a sustainable business.