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Business Foundation Model Course
This course/training program moves from theory to real-world application
methods used in understanding how to break down and understand industry
structure and develop an executable business and strategic plan. Interactive
Training exercises and case studies are used as a hands on approach to
learning the necessary skills that would assist you in positioning a company
for exponential growth.

Business Creation Model Course
This course examines the methodologies and techniques necessary to
identify and collect the information needed to construct a detailed business
plan. This training is for anyone that does not currently have a business plan
or would like to improve their existing business plan. Additional benefits are
real world case studies, and inter-active break-out sessions which will guide
individuals through the process of gathering the data, and recognize the
impact of doing the necessary research to make a business successful!

Business Problem Solving 101 Workshop
Small businesses have problems just like any other business, however
most entrepreneurs and/or small to medium-sized businesses have never
been trained on how to solve business problems. In this workshop, the
student learns how to identify problems through a Root Cause Analysis
process and other tools that will allow you to run a business more

7 Signs of a Failing Business Workshop
No one starts a business with the intent of failing, yet statistics show that
80% of start-ups fail within 5 years. In this workshop, a case based approach
is used that allows attendees an opportunity to see and understand the
signs of imminent danger and/or failure on the road of entrepreneurship.
Factors such as the Owner’s Personality and the role that it plays in the
success of the company are considered and discussed.
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