Structure - Operations
Since our inception Smith Gruppe has focused on helping small to mid-sized businesses
understand how to wrap their arms and minds around day-to-day operational challenges. Since
most start-ups and early stage business owners have never worked in a corporate environment,
nor have they had the benefit of senior level management training; they do not know where to start
when it comes to setting up a business operation. It is even more frustrating and difficult for them to
understand how to diagnose and solve operational problems.

We bring to the table comprehensive business understanding in the area of business operations.
We know that a thorough understanding of business operations lead to sustainability. The main
reason that our clients greatly benefit from our advisory and consulting services on operations is
because we engage our clients in an interactive way so that they gain a personal and direct
understanding of the importance of efficient and seamless operations.

We do this in an interactive way through direct involvement. Smith Gruppe operates an Interactive
Learning Model in all of its education and training curricula because this much we know:

  1. Tell me and I will hear it,
  2. Show me and I will see it,
  3. Involve me and I will understand it!

For our clients, this translates into:

  • Speed And Efficiencies – Our clients move faster and more nimbly in executing their
    strategies and implementing processes through the perfecting of tailored solutions delivered
    by our expertise. We offer a suite of proprietary resources such as on-site process
    diagnosis, training and many additional operational tools.

  • Sustainability – Through the “Sustainability Over Survival” Initiative we help many businesses
    experience sustainable improvements to their business performance. These businesses
    have also experienced increased management and leadership capabilities at all levels and
    functions within the business. [Just What is the Sustainability Over Survival Initiative –CTA]

  • Operations To Strategy Alignment – It is often the case in start-ups and small to mid-sized
    companies that there is a tremendous gap between operations and strategy. There is no one
    better at educating and training start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses on how to align
    operations and strategy. Because we have served so many clients over time, we have
    experience in many different industries and market segments.