Strategy Mission & Objectives
The “Mission” and key “Objectives” are statements about a company’s
purpose and primary reason for being in business. The mission
statement should highlight what business you are in and customer
needs that your company meets. To build a solid foundation (See
Business Foundation Tab) and business framework for a “sustainable”
business, you must have documented, clear, concise, and consistent
mission and key objectives.

We help you develop (or revise) your mission so that you may be able
to unlock the full potential of your core competencies. Strategy at its
purest form is the science of allocating scarce resources. Small to mid-
sized businesses that deliver sustained value and therefore maintain
extremely high levels of customer loyalty, know their core competencies
and focus their resources on reaching their full potential before
pursuing additional opportunities.

Smith Gruppe alleviates the extreme levels of duress that most small to
mid-sized businesses are under by helping them understand the
complex and difficult challenges that they face in sticking to the mission
in order to meet and/or exceed the key objectives.