Strategy - Management Review
This is where “Leadership” learns to anticipate and set realistic goals
and expectations for themselves and others. We show our clients how
to develop constructive accountability systems that provides the focus
necessary to ensure that strategic missions and objectives are being
met.  The initial phase of management review of the analysis and
planning done on a strategy is to ensure those working on the strategy
are headed in the right direction.

There needs to be a mission for the strategy with specific objectives
that can be reviewed and measured later in the process.  A clear
understanding of this is critical prior to the actual development of the
strategy.  Critical questions need to be asked in order to ensure
everyone involved is on board with the direction for the strategy and the
expectations of the final outcome.

We help our clients understand the important steps in setting the
direction for the strategy and ensuring that both management and in
cases of larger organizations, the team implementing the strategy are
all on the same page.  How to develop and review an Executive
Summary that clearly defines the strategy itself, how it will be
implemented, how it will be monitored and measured, and
communicates who and what will be impacted by the implementation of
the strategy.

We will walk you through the steps of the process and guide you
through the management review portion so that you understand the
direction you and your company are headed in.