Strategy - Management Approval
This is the last review of the progress of the strategy prior to
implementation.  We highlight this step in the process because this is
where a GO or NO-GO decision is made in regards to the strategic
implementation.  Careful review of the development plan must be done
to ensure all of the strategy objectives and overall mission is being met.
If the strategic plan and development is not ready, it is better to delay
the implementation than move forward and have a negative impact on
the company and potential its customers.

The plan has been developed and now management must ensure that
the strategy is clear and all individuals and organizations impacted by
the strategy have been considered. The strategy
team/managementmust ensure thateveryone is clear on their role in the
implementation and the effect of the implementation on their day-to-day

At Smith Gruppe, we assist the decision makers on how to review the
strategy developed and ensure clear communication is done through
out the company/departments impacted so that there is structured
processes in place.  Often these strategies are aimed at having a
positive affect on the company's customers, so it is imperative that
everyone keeps their focus on the customers and ensure that they
receive the benefits intended by the strategic change. We will educate
you on how to run successful management reviews of the strategy so
that a decision on Management Approval is easily obtained.