Strategy - Development
There are several types of strategies, and they are based on company
size and organizational structure.  Start-up and small companies need
to develop a solid strategy for their overall business and company.  As
businesses grow, often a new company strategy is needed to meet the
needs of a larger business.

As a small business develops, and various departments are added to
the organization, additional strategies may be added to set the direction
for each department.  These strategies should be developed in
alignment with the departments' missions that ultimately are also aligned
with the overall company's vision, mission, and objectives.

Smith Gruppe assists its clients in understanding what type of strategies
their company needs and the process of developing the correct
strategy to meet the company's mission and objectives.  We walk our
clients through the entire process. We stay connected during the
implementation and help them to monitor and measure the
effectiveness of the strategy once it is put in place.  Our strength is
based on years of experience in implementing strategies for various
size businesses and in different markets.  We help you develop a
strategy that will allow you to build your business in a strategic direction
with a plan on how to bring your mission and vision into fruition!