Strategy - Analysis & Planning
Over the years we have come to recognize that there are quite a few bad businesses in the market-
place; however this is not because of bad business concepts. The truth of the matter is that bad
businesses are a result of “bad strategies”. Success in business is about outperforming the
competition on a consistent and on-going basis, not by entering the market as a “me too” or by
pursing a hot new trend.

With a correctly-defined strategy, a small business can effectively outdistance and outperform its
competitors and capture significant market share.

Here are the questions that you can expect to gain answers to by working with Smith Gruppe in
analyzing and planning your strategy:

What are the most reasonable and key objectives and what will be the overall benefit to the

Will the strategy have an adverse impact on any other area of the business?

What is the financial impact from both an expense/required investment standpoint?

Upon completing the analysis, the next logical step is to embark upon the planning process. We help you establish the actions/steps that need to be incorporated within the strategy while defining
the timelines for implementation and deployment.
What is the most correctly-defined strategy
for my company?

Is the strategy in alignment with our mission?

Does the mission and the strategy make