A clearly defined strategy will help you in the following ways:

Help you establish a unique value proposition compared to your competition

Allow you to better execute through operations (allocation of resources) that provide differentiated
and tailored value to your customers

Assist you in understanding what your trade-offs are and what you should “Stop” doing

Align business activities so that they fit together and support each other

Sets the stage for continuous improvement which will drive you towards your vision

Strategy Infographic (Strategy Statistics)

Observe the following business statistics over the last decade:

For more than two decades, Smith Gruppe’s superior capabilities have helped many a client in just
about every industry imaginable and has been successful in delivering winning strategies.

We often see things that others miss, because we offer our clients more creative solutions that are a
combination of our deep experience as well as an intimate knowledge of what works in the small to mid-
sized business sector. The clear insights that we offer helps create value in our clients businesses.
“Strategy” Defined:
1. The science of planning and directing operations, specifically (as distinguished
from tactics), or maneuvering resources into the most advantageous position to

2. The skill in managing or planning, especially by using strategy.
Strategy Mission & Objectives
Strategy Analysis and Planning
Management Review of Strategy
- Mission & Objectives

- Analysis & Planning

- Management Review

- Development

- Management Approval

- Implementation

- Monitor & Measure
Management Approval of Strategy
Strategy Implementation
Monitor and Measure Strategy
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Effective planning and directing operations (allocation of resources) will allow you to pro-actively respond to changes in the business climate.
The “Mission” and key “Objectives” are statements about a
company’s purpose and primary reason for being in business.
The mission statement should highlight what business you are
in and customer needs that your company meets. To build a
solid foundation (See Business Foundation Tab) and business
framework for a “sustainable” business, you must have
documented, clear, concise, and consistent mission and key
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Over the years we have come to recognize that
there are quite a few bad businesses in the
market-place; however this is not because of
bad business concepts. The truth of the matter
is that bad businesses are a result of “bad
strategies”. Success in business is about
outperforming the competition on a consistent
and on-going basis, not by entering the market
as a “me too” or by pursing a hot new trend.

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Strategy Development
This is where “Leadership” learns to anticipate
and set realistic goals and expectations for
themselves and others. We show our clients
how to develop constructive accountability
systems that provides the focus necessary to
ensure that strategic missions and objectives
are being met.  The initial phase of
management review of the analysis and
planning done on a strategy is to ensure those
working on the strategy are headed in the right
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There are several types of strategies, and they
are based on company size and organizational
structure.  Start-up and small companies need
to develop a solid strategy for their overall
business and company.  As businesses grow,
often a new company strategy is needed to
meet the needs of a larger business.
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This is the last review of the progress of the this
step in the process because this is where a Go
or No-Go decision is made in regards to the
strategic implementation.  Careful review of the
development plan must be done to ensure all of
the strategy objectives and overall mission is
being met.
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In the implementation phase, you are basically
developing an action plan for how you are
going to deploy your strategy. We assist our
clients in crafting Action Plans that
communicate in a clear and concise manner
who’s going to do what, when they are going to
it for the strategy to be implemented.
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One of the most important objectives of
developing a strategy is helping companies
build a measurement-focused culture; a culture
that realizes that a learning organization’s real
value is rooted in measuring or observing can
relate to us because we practice what we
preach. The results are the leading KPI’s (Key
Performance Indicators) that tell us whether the
innovations we implement are working.
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Work Teams). Our success is defined by the “results” achieved by our clients businesses. Smith Gruppe is passionate about what it does and we
sincerely care about our clients and their continual success. Moreover, we have fun doing what we do.