Leadership - Performance Measurement and Incentives
Smith Gruppe blends services and capabilities into clear-cut objectives that help our clients build
their Performance Measurement & Incentive Plans. Communication plays a key role once
performance measurement and incentive plans have been established.  In order for everyone in
the company to perform at optimum levels, they must clearly understand what are their individual
goals and objectives.  It is leaderships responsibility to define the performance measurements and
any incentive plans along with a plan to disseminate that information throughout the company.

Often business owners do not realize the positive affect of establishing performance measurements
and incentives.  The success of any organization is dependent upon the willingness of individuals to
cooperate and contribute their efforts to the success of the business. The overall contribution of
personal efforts which constitute the energies of businesses are in direct correlation to the
incentives provided to the individuals.  Once your employees understand that their incentives are
based on their exceeding their goals and objectives, they are more incline to ensure they not only
meet their performance measurements, but exceed them.  Smith Gruppe can help business owners
and their management identify fair and reasonable incentives that are attached to the company's
overall revenues and performance.  The end result is the business is successful and the employee
satisfaction is increased, which creates an environment of high quality loyal employees.

We work with our clients in providing for customized and unique incentive plans that work at every
level of the organization and value chain.