Leadership - Organizational Management
Organizational Management is the process of managing human resources. In large corporations
there are several layers of an organization specifically designed to assist managers in handling all of
the responsibilities of managing those human resources.  Small companies do not have the ability to
afford such additional resources, and in most cases it falls on the individual business owner.  
Medium size companies may have a small human resource department depending on their size, but
ultimately the majority of the responsibilities are assigned to individual managers that have people
reporting to them.

Smith Gruppe works with companies to establish structure in their organizations and allocate
resources appropriately.  We help you determine and define relationships and responsibilities,
establish a communication process, and understand your role as a manager and leader in the
company.  Many companies do not set up clear expectations when identifying a manager to handle
human resources. We give you a clear understanding of the functions and key activities necessary
to manage your organization.  

At Smith Gruppe, we understand the many hats small company owners must where in order to make
a business sustainable.  As the company grows and additional human resources are needed, we
provide simple and yet effective ways of establishing structure.  We know it is critical that managing
those additional resources does not affect the ability of the company owner to fulfill other necessary
roles in order to keep the business running.  Before bringing on additional help, a plan must be put
in place to ensure time for training, expectations, communication, etc. to ensure a smooth transition
of workload with minimal to no disruptions.

Let us help you establish an organized plan to manage your organization's human resources!  
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