Leadership - Mentoring and Coaching
By definition a “mentor” is someone who helps someone else learn something that he/she would
have learned less well, more slowly, or not at all if left alone.

In order for the mentoring relationship to work, the mentor must not ever be perceived as a power
figure; however a learning coach, compassionate and sensitive as a trusted advisor to the mentee.
Mentoring must exist as a “Partnership”!

Smith Gruppe has provided the platform for the launch and on-going support for personal and
professional mentoring programs. In doing so, we are in agreement with the fast expanding
Coaching Industry, that three things must be present for the Mentoring & Coaching relationship to

  1. A Learning Environment – A strong set of policies and organizational charts must set forth that
    the emphasis of the organization is set upon thinking, interacting and learning from each
    other. Sharing of knowledge must be encouraged at all levels of the organization. Personal
    Mastery and self-improvement must be evident in the fact that is discussed and promoted
    within the culture of the business.
  2. Trust Must Exist – Great mentors and coaches who are effective at securing the trust of their
    protégé’s are focused and dramatic listeners. In the context of being a focused and dramatic
    listener, they avoid distractions, judging, or listening with an agenda. They make listening their
    top priority. The bond is perfected when a kinship and/or closeness is established, and this is
    where “trust” is earned. Relationship strength and “trust” in the mentoring/coaching
    environment is productively built and maintained on a foundation of “trust.”
  3. Realizing The Moment Of Independence – Although the mentoring/coaching relationship can
    become quite rich and intimate. There is a time when the mentoring/coaching aspect of the
    relationship must end. An effective adjournment must take place so that the protégé can move
    on. Allowing for adequate time to pass before follow-up can be quite difficult but necessary. As
    in the case of the mother eagle, who slowly removes the feathers and grass and comforts from
    the base of the nest until the fledgling is forced to come up to the ledge and take flight.
Smith Gruppe maintains a powerful small to medium-size
business and lower middle market company network of
experienced mentors and coaches. We have coached
hundreds of individuals and teams along the lines of
personal and professional development.
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