Leadership - Individual Appraisals and Training
For years our clients have struggled with the concept of annual appraisals, and a large percentage
of management expressed to us that they lacked the confidence for giving accurate feedback to
those that reported to them.

What we quickly realized was that the main problem was a lack of maintaining good records to
support the appraisal process.

What we were able to accomplish for our clients was to assist them in laying out an approach that
allows managers, team leaders, and team members to participate in the annual appraisal process
openly, with confidence, integrity and no fear of significant surprises.

By allowing for the annual appraisal process to become part of the annual planning cycle, we have
found that it leads to the following results:

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More educated and fair compensation decisions based upon multiple factors, rather than
singular factors. Factors such as appraisal ratings, company performance, and seniority

Quality and/or Improved Performance Appraisal processes led to increased morale and

Development of new and improved training curriculum

Increase in cross-functional abilities due to improved skill-sets by way of extended training