Leadership - Development
In the global economy and technologically advanced business ecosystem in which we exist today, a
new style of leadership is called for. The shift from shoot from the hip to one of awareness is
primarily set forth by a change in behavior and attitude.

The new leadership must be ever more flexible than the rigidity that existed in the past. The leader’
s company must be able to adapt quickly in an uncertain environment and urge those he/she leads
to take the initiative to make important decisions. To further take the responsibility to do the right
thing, and therefore excel in whatever the task may be at hand.

At Smith Gruppe, we help our clients create a “leadership culture” and nurture the leadership styles
of others crucial to creating value within the organization. By working with our seasoned top
executives, the client is trained on how to properly promote as sense of individual worth and
community within the work environment. This allows for the leadership to diligently direct all
business activities toward the business ambitions of the organization.

Here are a few of the results you get from experiencing our customized Leadership Development
Training Program:

Understanding as a leader, how to tie your initiatives to your vision
Remove barriers to your progress
Learn how to reinforce and reward positive behaviors and promote the right people
Understand how to build a learning organization
Learn how to effectively lead by example
In yesterday’s business world,
entrepreneurs could lead their
companies by taking a “shoot from
the hip” and/or “trial and error”
approach. This generally led to
routine day to day operations that
lulled entrepreneurs and
businesses into believing that they
were successful and profitable.
They had no idea that a death
sentence had been pronounced
upon them, whenever there was a
shift in market conditions occurred.