Frequently Asked Questions
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What are Smith Gruppe’s Core Competencies?

    Answer: The core competencies of Smith Gruppe are that we have over 20+ years as an entrepreneurs ourselves, and can thus educate, train
    and coach at a high level because we can directly relate to our clients. We have experienced the failures and successes along the way just as
    many of you have, and can help you avoid the blind-spots and traps that you will never see coming. Because we at some point in time in our past
    sat where you now sit, we are subject matter experts at overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

What types and sizes of businesses does Smith Gruppe work with?

    Answer: Smith Gruppe works with all types and sizes of companies, product driven or service driven business models. Whether you are an
    individual with a great idea, taking your first steps as a start-up, or a mid-sized company up to 50 employees earning +/_ $50 Million; we can help.
    We offer a variety of educational, training, coaching/counseling courses designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Our
    company has broad expertise in the business advisory and/or business management consulting space.

How do I know whether Smith Gruppe can help me or my business?

    Answer: Success leaves clues. Smith Gruppe as well as its clients are successful in meeting and/or exceeding goals and objectives. We fully
    expect and appreciate being vetted. Simply take a look at who we are and our Core Values, as well as requesting character references. Our
    credibility in the marketplace as well as our on-going track record of success speaks for itself - “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”!

How do I engage Smith Gruppe?

    Answer: Simply contact us via the many methods and means that we provide for direct communication and invite us in for an in-take interview and
    assessment. Visit our Contact Us page or call us at 336-937-0773.